Good Touch and Bad Touch

In today’s time we hear a lot of about child molestation and child abuse. Its peak time, we should start teaching to young children about the difference of Good Touch and Bad Touch. Teaching children about touch, as mean protecting those children from possible sexual abuse.
Touch is one of most incredible feeling and vital senses. It’s a very sensitive topic to talk about but it is very important for betterment of young children that they should know about all these things and can deal with it if they ever come across a situation like this.

Children are very impressionable hence we should need to explain that children what a good touch feel like and how to know someone is touching in a good way. A good touch never make a child feel uncomfortable. Good touch is healthy for a children such as ruffling of hair, high fives and handshakes, friendly hugs, kisses in the forehead or
cheeks, Pat on the back shoulder or the head.
Anything that is inappropriate that child makes uncomfortable, feel ashamed and painful for that we need to educate children for safety and their life. Need to explain about the private parts of their body, and explain that only mother can touch you and it is for cleaning. Bad touch like kissing on mouth to mouth, poking the inside of underwear, rubbing the upper thigh.
It must be to understand the children to have their own right of body and to say No when anyone touching them in a wrong way. Never push children and respect their feeling. Children, everyday come contact with many people and they are good and bad people so it is our responsibility to protect them, understand them and it’s a vital role to play as a parent.

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