Exhibition Come Sale, Handicrafts Products of Jammu & Kashmir

The healthiest clothes for our body, yes we are talking about Woolen Clothes. This season is also called romantic season especially for Couples. The winter season is so pleasant. Earlier, Woolen’s clothes had to be Dry clean, but in today’s time, the quality of Woolen clothes is superior and acceptable so that people can wash woolen clothes at home. Woolen clothes are very attractive, warm and colorful. Nowadays people are very fond of wearing woolen clothes.



For that Exhibition come sale (Handicrafts products of Jammu & Kashmir) is organized by Directorate of Handicrafts in Jaipur at J.K.K. (Jawahar Kala Kendra). Such items are Kashmiri Carpets, Wood Carving, Chain Stitch, Papier Machine, Crewl, Namda, Phool Kari, Basoshi Painting, Calico Painting, Ladakh Carpet, Woolen Kurtis, Embroidered Kurtis, Designer Shawls like Fur Shawl, Kashmiri Shawl,Embroidery Shawl with soft & smooth fabric, Woolen Sweaters, Caps, Socks etc. all these items/products are available there.

Winter Exhibition Come Sale 

SHAWL (1)                          SHAWL (3)

                        Shawls                                                                                            Shawls


Embroidered Kurti



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