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The event turned out to be great hit amongst people. Each individual who was a part of Rang Rajasthan welcomed it with wide arms and bid goodbye with promises for the future. The day began with Waiting for Godot in Krishnayan at 4PM, directed by Sanket Jain. The plot of the play had been extremely realistic and simpler to connect with. As part of audience, the play came as a realization that not everybody who puts on a brave face or tries to portray a courageous act is okay. The play is a realization that it is important to have faith and unwavering hope in our lives, which has to be there despite all the difficulty, hardship, or austerity that is present in life. The actors have done a marvellous job at projection of human emotion is the most raw and honest form that there is. The play has gripping plot, talented actors, and polishing of both by the Director.

The talkshow after the play had been interactive and fruitful. The moderator Swapnil Jain inquired about the reasons for the selection of the play, which Director Sanket Jain replied with honesty and compliance. According to Sanket, the story of Waiting for Godot had been so important to display in front of the society to make the habitants aware of the condition faced by larger flock of the society.  

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The musical performance of SWAGISTHAN, the Semi-Finalists of Indian Television Show, India’s Got Talent. They took the onlooker with awe and great deal of amazement. The session had numerous renowned artists like Raperiya Baalam, Honey Trouper, who performed their bits and managed to swoon a wide portion of audience with it. The day went by quickly with foot tapping to beats and the live music.

The play at Rangayan, Katha Sukavi Suryamallki, directed by Rajendra Panchal became a hit in the large flock of audience. The storyline revolves around internal conflicts faced by Suryamall Mishran around the time of revolution in year 1857. The play can be considered as an autobiography for the bits and pieces of the play have been taken from books by Suryamall Mishran in form of excerpt, such as Veer Satsai, Balvad Vilaas, and Vansh Bhaskar. The play is combination of all realistic events that happened in the lifespan of Suryamall Mishran. The acting and direction of the play has outdone numerous staging of the same play. The poet discussed here, has been passionate, patriotic, and protective of the national interest, which is why he sorted towards writing numerous poems that depicted the rising quarrel that was hurling within him.

Jaipur Explore Rang Rajasthan

The talkshow succeeding the play held interactive question-answering with Director of the play, Rajendra Panchal. Moderator Narendra Arora had put forth questions regard the struggle faced by the director in selection and staging of the play. Since the play Katha Sukavi Suryamallki had been the depiction of life lead by Sukavi Suryamall himself, the play set and witnessed numerous connections with the audience.

Play: Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot is an absurdist play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters,Vladimir and Estragon, wait endlessly and in vain for the arrival of someone named Godot. Waiting For Godot is Beckett’s translation of his own original French version, En attendant Godot, an is subtitled (in English only) “a tragicomedy in two acts”. The original French text was composed between 9th Oct.,1948 and 29th Jan.1949.

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    It is a play on the human condition, a meditation on the human predicament in mid-twentieth century Europe. Thus it is a play about characters, not what happens to them but about them, a portrayal of human beings without any answer or certainties. This is the anxiety that Vladimir and Estragon carry with them. Is there a Godot? What does he look like? How does he behave? Will he come at all? What will he do for that? Should they invest any hope in him? They don’t know any of the answer, only that they are on very slippery ground. Lacking any firm basis for their hopes, they keep falling literally to the ground. Man is in a truely fallen state. Meanwhile, what do they do, as they wait for some solution with what is only a fleeting hope or even less? That is the play.

Jaipur Explore Rang Rajasthan

  Among the characters, Vladimir is the soul and Estragon is the body of the play. The other two characters, Pozzo is so obviously the master and Lucky, the slave(living with the burden of his name). There is one more character in the play who acts like a messenger. And the title character of the play, Godot, is a character but not present on the stage.


In the talk show, Moderator Swapnil Jain asked Sanket about the hard work, input, and effort that went in the projection of Waiting for Godot. Swapnil further asked Sanket about the nature of the story and its gripping plot, and how did it manage to nudge Sanket into staging the play.

Cast :



VLADIMIR –     Umesh verma

POZZO         – YOGENDRA SINGH      

LUCKY         – Rohan

 A BOY          – SAVYE SACHI


  Light            – Sanket/saksham

Stage Manager –    Asif Ali

Make up       – priti Dubey

 Set              – Raja Bhaat


Play : Katha Sukavi Suryamallki


In the year 1818, when the native Rajwadas of almost the whole India signed Protective Treaties with the Britishers, Boondi’s Mehrao Raja Bishnu Singh also established a treaty with The East India Company in the same year. After his death in 1821 and in the presence of Colonel James Tod, Rao Raja Ram Singh, though in his minority was seated on the throne. Sincerity towards Ram Singh, profound friendship towards Balwant Singh and Suryamall’s personal life and his writings are displayed in this play that eventually reaches the revolution of 1857. During the revolution, Rao Raja Ram Singh did not support the revolutionaries in open due to which Suryamall Mishran’s heart became anxious. For the love of his land and to protect the national interest, he got inclined towards the construction of ‘Veer Satsai’. But after the frustration and suffocation of nearly 10 years, the poet died.

The talk show succeeding the play had Moderator Narendra Kumar asking Director Rajendra Panchal about his personal opinion on the plot of the play. Narendra further enquired about the time, effort, and authenticity of the play. Rajendra had been insightful and interactive during the talk show.  

Cast :

Suryamall – Rajendra Panchal

Rav Raja Ramsingh – Rajesh Vilayatrai

Balvant Singh- Vijay Patidar

And Kuldeep Singh, Ajay Gurjar, Sudarshan Dadhich, Donald Patonda, Pradeep Sharma, Muzaid Hussain, Harshit Jain, Nikhil


Music Team – Rohan Sharma, Manoj Gaud,. Uttam Kumar

Light- Govind Singh Hada

Painting/Portraits – Shambhu Singh Chobdar


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