Rang Rajasthan, Rajasthan Theatre and Folk Festival are present by Jawahar Kala Kendra on 5th January to 11th January 2018 in Jaipur. This festival is curated by Rang Mastaaney.


The event schedule is;

On Friday 5th of January –  Open Mic. Jaipur: Rajasthani Band Performance, Play re Geliya by Kapil and Priyadarshani, Talk Show with Mame Khan, Play-Anji by Rajendra Panchal, Folk-Manganiyar, Bhawai, Ghoomar, Shekhawati Chang.

On Saturday 6th January– Open Mic. Jaipur- Accoustic guitar& Vocals, Aadhi raat ke baad by Swapnil, Talk show with Ms. Smita Bansal, Play sajjan mania by Priti Dubey, Langa gayan, kathak folk, kachi godi.

On 7th Sunday of januray- Morning Raag- Dhruvpad Sarod, open Mic Show-Poetry & flute, Dheega Dhora Mai by Shubham Pareek, Talk show with Mr.Anoop Soni, Behmi Banyo by Sartaj Narain Mathur, Folk-Fushion Band, Ghindad Dance, Bindori Kala.

On 8th Monday of January- Open Mic Jaipur-keyboard and Vocals, Play- Hain by Kewal Kartik, Talk Show with Ms. Shashi Shankla, Play Tezo Re Tezo by Vipin Purohit, Folk Fusion Band, Folk dance, Ardhghoomar.

On 9th Tuesday of January- Folk-Bhapang, Manjeera &Chari, Open Mic Jaipur-Accoustic Guitar& Vocals, Play-Gibraniyat by Nishant Kumar, talk show with Mr. Purendu Shekhar, Play- Mela Gangour by Tapan Bhat, folk- Fusion, Gangaur, Sahriya.

On 10th Wednesday of January- Folk-Gangaur, Kalbeliya, Open Mic Jaipur- Band Electric Music Set with Violin Fussion, Play Kenchuli by Mehmood Ali, talk show with Mr.Sampat Saral, Play-Duvidha by Kaviraj Laique, Folk-Fusion, Manjeera dance, Khaari Dance.

On 11th Thrusday of januray- Folk-Bhawai, Mashak, Open Mic Jaipur- Sufi band, Play-Dhori Zindagi by Neha Singh, Talk show with Shri Arjundeo Charan, Play Satyagrah Dr. Arjun deo Charan, Rhthym of Mewat, Chari Dance, Angi Gair, Bhawai, Dholcheep.

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