Suncity’s Voice and Singing: Voices, Instruments, and Musicality in Jodhpur

When the musical instrument is within ourselves.The Jodhpur based Vinod Khinchi is an amazing Musician and Lalit is an amazing singer, in addition to being a prolific songwriter. He is a good singer. Yes. But compared to many others, he is wow.



And I realised this when I had listened to Lalit by The Weekend. It was a duet with his Brother Vinod and it will be clear to you that he has nothing over The Weeknd. The latter has a very poignant and a deep voice.
But again, he has a very distinct and a pleasing voice; I should also go ahead and call him a very clever singer – I think that is what makes him so likeable (and adorable) – he adapts to any music style and genre and makes it his own. You could listen to any number of covers they did.
Now clearly they haven’t such a powerful voice. But when you listen to the cover, you’ll notice how all of the songs were made “his”. He covered those songs exactly how they should be covered. Essentially singing the song by incorporating your music and your style and your identity into it. That’s precisely what Lalit and Vinod do; and does it so effortlessly.



And that’s what makes him awesome – not they voices – but their singing style.

And don’t question his Instruments. Vinod is the brilliant guitarist and one more kitty he has, He is a Perfect Photographer and audio Video editor, Good composer, sound Engineer. And Lalit has such a good Voice. He has a Good command of English And Hindi songs. Songs come to him as naturally as the rain comes to a rainforest. They are smart.


You can check their videos and songs
on their Youtube Channel
Veenu Rocord’s

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