Ride To remember Martyrdom On Independence Day!

Jaipur RCB Club’s riders celebrate independence day,
Groups of riders came out on to the streets across India to celebrate Independence Day.

Jaipur RCB Club joined hands to support the cause of remembering the martyrdom of all our freedom fighter on Independence Day. Jaipur RCB organised the Ride across Jaipur city on August 15, 2018. In Jaipur alone, scores of Many Bullets Riders joined the iconic Independence Day ride.

That is exactly what happened as over 50 Royal Enfields and riders joined together to celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day, with a city ride to the Jharkhand Mahadev temple—Jawahar Circle.

All the riders gathered outside Jharkhand Mahadev temple when The the sun came up. Once across the city, the roads were flooded with Royal Enfields. The convoy of motorcycles was a showstopper since most have never seen so many similar motorcycles at once.

For the participants, it was a morning of catching up with like-minded riders, but the bonhomie and love for the open road spread across different motorcycles; everyone bound together by the joy of riding and the desire to celebrate the spirit of independence on two wheels.

“It was a wonderful ride and it was great to ride with so many riders on the occasion of Independence Day,” said Shakti Pratap Singh, a Jaipur RCB Club.

“All Riders are awesome. It’s our fraternity, that’s what keeps us together. Today was one such example,” said Vikram Singh Dhodhaliya.

Once done, it was a ride back to the bustling city of Jaipur and to routine life. The return journey saw a lot of memories since the wonderful memories they carried seemed unlikely to be forgotten for a long time.

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