COBBLER CLUB “Don’t be the same, be better.”


Don’t be the same, be better.”

How come the shoe store idea comes?

New Generation Entrepreneurs have come up with the idea of basics and we did the same. Trying to sell a basic product in a new way.

Why did you choose raja park location?

 Raja park is the shopping capital of Jaipur and keeping this in mind we opened store here. From last one year, not only youth of raja park but other people also gives good response. Not only from Jaipur (Bikaner, Ajmer, kota, Ganganagar, Udaipur) people from outside of Jaipur also come here to buy shoe.

 COBBLER CLUB “Don’t be the same, be better.” (1)

What is the special thing in leather shoe?

Leather shoes are comfortable. It gets more according to your feet though you can wear it for 12 to 14 hours in a day. Life of leather shoe is long lasting as compare to man-made leather shoe.

 Why quality shoe is necessary, Is it need to deal with fashion?

 By wearing shoes all day, there is no pain in the feet therefore good quality shoes are necessary. Yes, it is important to deal with fashion because people are more aware of the design with comfort.

COBBLER CLUB “Don’t be the same, be better.” (3)

What trend is going on?

We are trying to get with fashion Delhi- Mumbai in Jaipur too. Sneakers, ankle boots, oxford brogues shoes, patent leather, knitted shoe, casino, monk straps, canvas etc all varieties we have in our store.

 COBBLER CLUB “Don’t be the same, be better.” (2) COBBLER CLUB “Don’t be the same, be better.” (5)


How is the price important?

We have given a great attention to the price value. With the price structure we want our costumer does not have not reduce their wardrobe. We have a good quality shoes with pocket friendly from that people come here to buy shoes in two or three months.

How far is the raja park with fashion?

Raja Park is the shopping hub of Jaipur. First fashion comes here and new trends also come out with fashion from here.

COBBLER CLUB “Don’t be the same, be better.” (4)

Why do customers come in Cobbler shoes?

PR is very important with Quality, Comfort, Price and Design. We attend  costumers personally and also help them to select the shoes. For new updates and sales to costumers ,We message or call them.

Founder- Virat Bhargava

Co-Founder- Divyangana Kapil

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