Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Interacts With Students at Rajasthan University

Actor Shifuji is the founder, Successor, Great Grandmaster & founder of Indian warrior monks tradition On 17 february Visited manviki peeth Rajasthan vishwavidyalaya  in Jaipur to attend their in Honor of martyrs , “beti bachao beti padhao” fest. From huge crowd of students, Rajasthan University, Jaipur welcomed Shifuji with power-packed liveliness.

Shifuji  Performed motivational speech In front of the students.

The event organizer student Leader ‘SANJAY MACHEDRI’ said, Shifuji addressed to students about Indian Army & Surgical strike. He Said ,this surgical strike carried out by Indian Army will be written in golden letters in the history of warfare. It is a matter of case study for many Armies of the world.It can be imagined how difficult this operation would have been, wherein 8 terrorist camps were simultaneously raided during the dark night over 250km area. This operation has proved the highest amount of professionalism of the Indian Army. The entire nation was jubilant over this action. The families of our martyrs who laid down their lives  must have been very happy. The entire nation complemented the Army for the surgical strike and stood behind the Armed Forces.

The entire nation should be proud of the capabilities of the Armed Forces. . In fact, this should be followed by all states because a soldier is a symbol of valor, discipline, vigilance, patriotism, dedication and national integration. What a soldier requires is just recognition of his services.  Shifuji has aptly said that whenever we see any soldier we must greet him from our heart because the entire nation can carry out its day-to-day activities peacefully when the soldier is discharging his duties sincerely on the borders. The entire nation should always remain indebted to soldiers because he fights not because he hates the men in front but he loves the men behind.

Social worker ‘Ranjeet Singh Sodala’  honoured the Guest with a Safa & Sword.

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