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MISS & MRS Vogue India 2018

MISS & MRS Vogue India 2018 – Audition in Jaipur

Audition at jaipur on 8th of april  MISS & MRS Vogue India 2018 Jaipur is a pink city ... the ...
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‘Sorbomangala’ Sumit DasGupta Plays Fashion ‘Mentor’ For Jaipur Explore

JE People Stylewatch is a different experience for everyone. It focusses on local Places including designers, photographers, speakers, models, hairdressers, ...
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Pankaj Sharma a Rising lotus in The Jaipur Pond

He used his creativity for some of the popular Plays for director Mr Shabir Khan in Sarthak Theatre Group Jaipur, ...
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Gopal Singh- Bringing the Rajasthan's Grandeur and Royal Culture to the Global Fore

Gopal Singh- Bringing the Rajasthan’s Grandeur and Royal Culture to the Global Fore

Gopal Singh is a fashion designer from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He designs for both men and women. Today India is a ...
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Dashing indian male model 'SHAKTI SINGH'

Dashing Indian Male Model ‘SHAKTI SINGH’

Since ages, the fashion industry has been the feminine influenced stream, but now the time has come for the males ...
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Exquisite Jaipur Jewellery

Jaipur enjoys a high reputation for the manufacture of jewelry. It is one of the most active jewel markets of ...
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Gagan Kumar – Fashion Designer by Mehul Suthar

Gagan Kumar is a designer born in Odisha and now creating wonders in garment design field. Gagan studied designing from ...
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“Sumit Dasgupta: Style That Sings” By Mehul Suthar

Sumit Dasgupta founded Sorbomangla Design Studio in 2008 and started the designing work under this brand name within relatives and ...
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