Hindi Diwas was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm on the 14th of September at Podar Jumbo Kids, Ajmer Road

Language, like vision and most other brain functions, is bound by a critical period, an early phase in which a child must experience language, or else, its special hardware won’t wire up right.
The vast majority of children learn language without a hitch. Indeed, when you think of how difficult it is to master a new language yourself and then see children- just three or four years old, unable to even add or tie their shoe laces but able to understand and speak in full complex language without any training, you become convinced, as most linguists now are, that human language is an instinct; a behavior as innate and inevitable as sleeping or eating. Humans can’t help but talk; it is our fundamental means of social interaction.

Hindi is Bharat’s Language and it is essential that our children understand the language and its importance.
Here are details about our celebration,”Ekta ki jaan, desh ki shaan”, which your child enjoyed today-
We started our day with a lovely song –
Ekchidiya, anekchidya… dana chugne aai chidiya
Ek, anek, ek, anek
Ek gallhari, anek gallhari yaan,
Ekanek, ek, anek
Surajek, chandaek….. Tareanek
The joyful Hindi Divas celebration continued with children learning Hindi by playing games and doing activities. They enjoyed the puppet show in Hindi and had lot of fun.

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