It is one year since our senior Advisor Shri Giriraj Singh Lotwara left this world. But he continues to be recalled almost every day by those who value our city’s history and heritage. Certainly, for us at Jaipur Explore, he is a living presence, challenging our creativity, spurring us to put our best foot forward and above all ensuring we strive to continue to maintain the standards that he set in the bringing out of this magazine.

And so when it came to an issue commemorating one year of his passing, the chief question that faced us was about what we could present in it. We have to carry enough tribute in this first issue after he passed on and then again in the first anniversary edition. That was when the idea came that we could probably have a his close person our Editor-in-chief. And who better than Vikram Singh Dhodhliya who for several years worked very closely with Shri Giriraj Singh Lotwara? Not only had he collaborated with him on talks but he had also together with his many friends, contributed a column titled President of Rajput Sabha Bhawan.

Jaipur Explore and His freinds going to pay tribute to Shri Giriraj Singh Lotwara with this Edition “Once upon a time in Rajputana”          thank our readers, sponsors and donors for encouraging us on this ‘Jaipur Explore’s journey of our Giriraj Singh Lotwara ji


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