Jaipur Explore is privileged to have the support, expertise, and strategic concept partnership of our Advisory Team – made of people representing business, writing, and countrywide development. You can get to understand this inspiring institution of people, by studying their testimonies. At Jaipur Explore, we agree with in continuously striving to stretch our horizons. To this end, we’re ably guided through our Advisory Boards. Drawn from the pool of eminent concept leaders from throughout the country and slicing across disciplines, the Board of Advisors enables JE Leadership to look to interconnections and understand the interaction that exists among numerous domain areas, and the instructions they’re probable to take.

Former Council.: Late Gian Singh Gian (N.D. – Fine Art, Govt Of India)
Professor at Vastu Kala Academy (College of Architecture)
Art Director
1. Freedom Movement Memorial Committee
2. Institute for Socialist Education
3. Institute for Media Communication
4. Rajdhani Patrakar Manch (Member)
Former Art Director
Congress Varnika AICC Publication & Soviet Land Publication USSR Embassy.

Former JE Cultural Advisor
Late Ranbir Singh
Eminent theater artist, writer,
historian, National President of IPTA,
Senior Fellow of CPI



Former Legal Advisory:
Late Shri Giriraj Singh Lotwara
President of the Shree Rajput Sabha.




Political Advisory:
Nisha Siddhu
General Secretary
National Federation of Indian Women



Shri Ashok Baid
Owner of Jaipur Credit Company &
JE Financial Advisor




Sajid Ansar,
Gemologist, Jeweler
Social worker




Dr. Chandradeep Hada
SF, NET, ICH, Ph.D., JF, NS- Theatre
Main Lead Actor for Desert Calling-DD India, DD National




JE Political Advisor,
Prem Singh Sanjoo
Senior political Advisor, Rajasthan
Active since Janta Dal

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