#पीठी रो बेस

It is about those days when preparing the base of the pithi means marriage is very near. At that time girls did not wear kurti kanchali, they only used to wear jumper and ghagra. This yellow base was worn for a few days (2/5/7) which meant that the ban was to be worn for as many days until the dress of the pheras came in the pedestal. Later this base is given. The boys used to wear kurtas and pajamas. Which has now been replaced by different clothes. This nutrient has a different importance, it was easy to identify who is a bunny. A katari was given in his hand, which was always with him, till then the mod did not bind. Whereas the boys used to wear kurta pajamas until Bind became the king. But with time the customs are changing. Or to be told, how people share their shadow picture on social media, they are engaged in this thinking only. Girls now appear in different outfits from ban to wedding, with full makeup. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify whose marriage is. The simplicity and spontaneity which seems at first as if is fading away. At the same time, the boys are constantly seen in new clothes, it is difficult to identify whose marriage is in trouble. Earlier, at the time of rounds, the girl was dressed only in bangles and clothes. Some people will be surprised to read that there were neither any parlor nor any makeup artist. Just kajal and bindi. The hair was not even combed. Aad, beechia were worn in the third round. Social media has become so dominant in Rajputi marriage that how will photography be done today, where will the pre wedding shoot, how will the girl wear jewelry, how will she share the videos, what kind of songs will she use. What will be the decoration, all these are being given more importance. The sad thing is that very few people care about the customs. From ban to parting, from ban to boy until the boy brings his wife home, what are the customs and what is the story behind them, very few children would know. Even 7 verses will hardly be remembered by some. Where Ratijoge used to mean time for all relative fun, now the bachelor party has taken its place. There is a different race in the glow of modernity. It is understood that this day is very important for everyone and everyone wants to make it memorable. But somewhere our customs seem to be losing.


From – Tripti Singh Bikaner Courtesy Tripti Singh Bikaner (from the wall of Rajput Page)
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