Have you ever heard of the family of Ravana still together at a place? Yes, you heard it right. Jhalrapatan is a city and municipality in the district of Jhalawar in Rajasthan. Here, one strange and noteworthy thing is the presence of ‘Ravana Parivar’ in the Dussehr Mela ground from the last 175 years.

The ‘Ravana Parivar’ consists of the permanent idols of eight members of the clan of demon king which are made of stone and clay. The idols are of Ravana, his wife Mandodari, sister Shurpanakha, brother Kumbhakaran, son Meghnad, uncle Mareech and cousins Khar and Dushan. These idols form an important part of Jhalarapatan’s monumental heritage and is a major center of attraction of this place.

These idols of the ‘Ravana Parivar’ were raised by the ruler of Jhalawar, Maharaj Madan Singh Jhala in 1842. The statue of Ravana is of 15 feet and the highest among all the other idols. According to facts, the rulers of Jhalawar used to strike an arrow in the naval area of the statue of Ravana to symbolize the victory of good over evil.

People pelt small stones and pebbles on the idols and effigies of Ravana and his family to show their protest against the evil. Every year, the municipality spends around Rs 40000 to repair and maintain the idols. Five years ago the municipality also constructed two idols of elephants near these idols to beautiful them.

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