Partial Walled City with Albert Hall

Approx. Area – approx 706 Acre
(Ward no. 84, 74, 59-part)
User group – Business
community, Tourists
The chosen area for area-based development is two chowkries of the walled city, i.e. on either side
of the axis between Badi Chaupar and Choti Chaupar and extended to include the Albert museum and Ram Niwas Bagh. Further, the area is extended to include the entire East-West Axis and extended upto the Zurawar Gate.

Area Based Proposal – Transport


Sustainable mobility with corridors fitted for:
Non-Motorised Transport
Public bike-sharing system
Universal access (Barrier
Electric vehicles / IPT
smart parking and smart

Area Based Proposal – Transport

Smart mobility with corridors fitted for:
Smart Signages for
Intelligent Car /Coach
Parking System
Smart Auto/Taxi Stands
App for IPT
Taxis & carpooling App
ITS for traffic signal
cycles and bus

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