BJP State President Dr Satish Poonia reached Hindaun city and met the children and people who got sick due to contaminated water in the government hospital and urged for better treatment of the victims after consulting doctors and health information.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is urged to provide financial support to the families of those who died due to contaminated water and to consider and implement the demands of the relatives as soon as possible so clean drinking water is available in all the areas of the state, including Hindaun city where there is contaminated drinking water. After thinking seriously about getting it done, put the plan on the ground.

Talking to the media in Hindaun, Satish Poonia said that getting sick and dying from contaminated drinking water is not a common occurrence.

Two people have died due to contaminated water, and many people have been reported to be seriously ill.

This incident of contaminated drinking water should be on the notice of the people that 30% of people in Rajasthan are forced to drink contaminated drinking water.

I was surprised that the Public Health Engineering Minister of the Ashok Gehlot government of the state says that the government is planning, we want to ask him what he was doing for the last 4 years, what was the government doing?

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