BJP State President Satish Poonia interacted with the workers of the district on the second day on the organizational stay of Barmer district. By visiting various major temples and monasteries of the district, he offered prayers and met the workers and discussed in detail to take up the public problems from the road to the house.
Dr. Poonia prayed for a healthy and happy Rajasthan family after visiting Lokdevta Siddha Shri Khema Baba Temple at Baitu. Along with this, he had a wonderful and soulful meeting with Padmashree Anwar Khan, who increased the pride of Rajasthan with folk songs, during which Anwar Khan felicitated him by singing folk songs.
Addressing the press conference at Barmer Circuit House, Dr. Poonia said that, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot talks about corruption, but corruption is at its peak in his own departments, he himself is helpless and helpless. The Congress government of the state is giving protection to corruption.
He said that the ministers of the Congress government are immersed in corruption and if there is a CBI inquiry into the corruption cases in Rajasthan, then the reality will come out. All these corruption cases will be investigated as soon as the BJP government comes to the state.
The Congress government is the most negative, useless, corrupt and chaotic government ever, it is surprising that the Chief Minister himself, who talks about zero tolerance in the public manifesto, himself says that there is corruption in my department too. Corruption is at its peak in Rajasthan, figures from Transparency International attest to this.
Dr. Poonia said that for the long life of the successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he took blessings from Tanot Mata Rani. Interacted with party officials, public representatives and dignitaries of different societies in Jaisalmer and Barmer.
In Jaisalmer, Barmer at one time it was believed that it was a big challenge to develop the base of the organization of the party in such a remote area, right now the purpose of my coming to both the districts in the programs is to give a social form to the party and the party should work with continuity. . Therefore, our multi-faceted work, the composition of the organization should be correct, work on the issues of public interest by being vocal. Therefore, in order to make the bottom level of the party all-pervading and all-encompassing, especially at the booth level, the executives should work actively.
Especially in both the Corona periods, party workers across the state, by serving the needy through the work of the organization, gave special recognition to the party in the form of social concerns, which are the customs and rituals of our party.
In the same way, the seven fronts of the party have a big role to play and these seven fronts should work with a loud voice, it is my endeavor. It is my endeavor and vision to make the organization of the party work assertively till the lowest level.

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