BJP State Minister Jitendra Gothwal addressed a press conference on the issue of increasing Dalit atrocities in the state and Congress MLAs putting their own government in the dock on the issues of Dalit atrocities.

Gothwal said that Rajasthan has become a stronghold of Dalit atrocities in almost four years of Congress, this is being confirmed by the statements being made by his MLAs and leaders against his government. 26900 dalit crime cases were registered in the state, in which hundreds of cases are of incidents of rape of dalit women in the state, Gehlot government ignored the demand for CBI investigation in many cases of dalit women rape by BJP, as a result, dalit crime and female rape in the state continuously. Cases increased by 12.9 percent, even after 75 years of independence, incidents like removing Dalit grooms from mare, boycotting food cooked in schools by a Dalit, are becoming common, which shows the government’s insensitivity towards Dalits. runs.

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