Jharkhand government passed the bill by presenting it in the house
With the efforts of Imran Pratapgarhi, National President of All India Congress Committee Minorities Department, the Jharkhand government passed the anti-mob lynching law in the House. Congress leader Imran Pratapgarhi had met the Chief Minister of the state Hemant Soren during his Jharkhand tour and urged him to enact an anti-mob lynching law. Today I express my heartfelt gratitude to Hemant Soren ji for seriously considering the proposal and promised to enact a law. Imran Pratapgarhi told that last week the Jharkhand Home Department had prepared the draft of the bill and today as soon as the Minister in charge Alamgir Alam Saheb placed the mob lynching bill proposed by the Home Department in the house, it was immediately passed by the BJP. and started opposing the bill fiercely along with creating obstruction in the house, then it is clear that BJP is a supporter of mob lynching and in most places mob lynching at the behest of BJP governments and BJP leaders. Incidents like this happen and those who commit mob lynching have the protection of the BJP government and only the BJP promotes it. Imran Pratapgarhi said that on the lines of Jharkhand, other states should also make this law so that innocent people are not killed and all citizens to protect the fundamental and constitutional rights of
The way in which the provision of strict punishment has been kept in this law is a welcome step and this law will curb the perpetrators of such fake incidents and from 2014 to 2019, the way BJP made Jharkhand a laboratory of mob lynching. It was made and the innocent people of a particular class were being killed for the politics of votes from place to place. Imran Pratapgarhi said on this occasion that he himself and his Congress Minority Department will always help such victims and will demand all states to enact anti-mob lynching laws.

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