Three days organized by Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee
The training camp ended on the third day today. Congress to trainees in concluding session
Leader Shri Rahul Gandhi, Organization General Secretary of All India Congress Committee Shri K.C. Venugopal,
General Secretary and In-charge Shri Ajay Maken, Chief Minister of the State Shri Ashok Gehlot and Rajasthan
State Congress Committee President Shri Govind Singh Dotasra addressed the gathering.
In the concluding session, Congress leader Shri Rahul Gandhi joined the camp through virtual medium.
Congratulations on Congress Foundation Day to all the trainees and Congress leaders present in the camp.
Greetings and best wishes for the future. Shri Rahul Gandhi with the trainees
Sharing his many experiences, he said that the first Prime Minister of India, Late. Pt. Jawahar Lal
No one has the exact information about how many years Nehru was in jail during the freedom struggle.
But most of the time was spent by Pt. Nehru in Naini Jail where such a mention is found
That Pt. Nehru spent 12 to 15 years in jail. Mr. Gandhi said that Pt. Nehru in Naini Jail
On going to see the place where he was imprisoned, he got many information regarding the philosophy of Pt. Nehru.
Information received. He said that at the time of release from jail in the visitor book of Naini Jail.
Pt. Nehru wrote that many thanks to the jailers who imprisoned him because
He has learned a lot during his imprisonment. Mr. Gandhi said that Pt. Nehru’s
There was no hatred and vendetta anywhere in the statement. He said that those who have
Nehru was imprisoned in jails for 12 to 15 years, neither hatred towards him in Pt. Nehru’s mind
Nor did the feeling of revenge arise, while Savarkar has mentioned in his book
That Savarkar was most happy when his five companions joined together to form a
The Muslim youth was beaten up with sticks. He said it was a one-sided fight because
Five people together beat up a person. He said that an ideology Hindu
In which it has been asked to remove fear and hatred from the heart.
On being released after being in jail for years, he thanked and said hatred in his heart.
Wasn’t. He said that on the other hand a person cannot face fear alone.
Can’t fight, strikes together with people because they were cowards. Mahatma

No one can call Gandhi and Pt. Nehru cowards because there was neither fear nor fear in their heart.
That’s no hate. He said that hatred resides in the hearts of cowards, cowards who
Can’t stand in front of enemy, hatred resides in their heart, this is the responsibility of RSS
Ideology. He said that those who face the problem standing up are Hindus.
And the ideology of those who bow their heads in fear in front of the problem is Hindutva. They said
That Rahul Gandhi has faced the dictatorial decisions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is
The ideology is Hindu. He said that all religions including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians believe in truth.
is the way to get it. He said that for us religion is the way to attain the truth.
But the religion of Hinduism is to make one’s own religion a means of attaining power. he said that
The people who bowed their heads in front of the wrong decisions of Narendra Modi are Hindutva. They
Said that those who believe in Hindutva ideology bow their heads in front of anyone, these people
bowed before the British and bowed before money because the truth in their hearts
Not there. He said that if the neighboring country China under the Congress rule, thousands of kilometers of the country
Didn’t encroach on the land, if it had happened under Congress rule, without our Prime Minister
Resignation for failing to discharge his responsibility by accepting the truth out of fear
While handing over the RSS The people of India were under the Modi regime by China.
Trying to hide the matter of violation. He said that the RSS people in your heart
They are spreading hatred and fear in the whole country, due to which the country will suffer all-round loss.
And this is what the Congress has to fight. He said that we are one in our struggle.
Even an inch will not go back, this is our Lakshman Rekha. He said that BJP’s Lakshman Rekha
There is power and for the sake of power, he has always been changing the Lakshman Rekha of his ideology.
While the Lakshman Rekha of Congress is true and where there is truth, we Congressmen stand. They
Said that once in the Congress workers’ conference, he asked whether such a person was present.
It is the one who ran away from home, no one answered yes, but the same question was asked by the RSS. Of
If asked in the meeting, the answer of every person would be yes. He said that the one who runs
Cannot fulfill the responsibility and who does not have love in his heart. He said that these people
Spread hatred outside. He said that those who have only hatred in their hearts should be treated with patriotism.
And it is useless to expect patriotism. He said that the situation in the country today
Hate is being spread in the society and truth is being suppressed. for example
Large numbers due to demonetisation, three black agricultural laws, GST and mismanagement of Corona

Losing people’s lives but the people responsible for it did the work of hiding the truth
It’s going He said that it is the responsibility of the people of Congress that in front of the country all these
Reveal the truth of Modi government on the issues. He said that Mahatma Gandhi and Pt. Jawahar
Workers Behind Lal Nehru

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