• What is a desert safari in Jaisalmer?


Desert Safari in Jaisalmer is a pulsating activity of riding a camel for a period of 5 – 6 hours spread over two sessions, generally, one in the early morning followed by an interval/ recess during afternoons and a second trip in the evening. For the first-timers, it may appear bumpy in the beginning but is enjoyable overall.
The tour takes visitors through far-flung areas of the desert, across native settlements, Kuldhara- a deserted village, national park, an oasis, and the alluring sunrise and sunset. Desert Safari on 4X4 open-top Jeep is much more comfortable and swifter than the camel ride.
It is one of the most preferred types of safari. The dunes are usually at their optimum during sunrise (4 am – 6 am) and sunset (4 pm – 7 pm). The glittering golden sands and breathtaking beauty of nature will entice the tourists and provide a perfect backdrop to capture a stunning visual of the escapade.

  • How many days are sufficient for Jaisalmer?


There are umpteen tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. However, a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 7 days is required to explore the historical places, monumental buildings, Temples, picturesque locales & Gardens, adventurous Desert camps, and bubbling bazaars. Jaisalmer Fort, Kuldhara, Indo-Pak border, Salim Singh ki haveli, Patwon ki haveli, Jain Temples & Tanot Mata Mandir, Bada Bagh, Gadisar Lake, and Desert National Park are some of the popular tourist destinations

  • What is Jaisalmer famous for?


Jaisalmer is predominantly known for the intricate artwork and striking architecture displayed by its medieval-era temples, palaces, and forts. The structures are built using yellowish sandstone giving a golden hue to the buildings. Therefore, Jaisalmer is also referred to as the ‘Golden City’. It is also famous for its culture and traditions as well as the vast Thar Desert. Prominent places include Jaisalmer Fort, Brys Fort, Gadisar Lake, Jain Temples, Salim Singh Haveli, Sam sand dunes, etc.

  • How do I get from Jaisalmer Airport to Sam sand dunes?


Jaisalmer Airport is the military airport and only chartered flights are allowed. Metered taxis and cabs transport visitors from Jaisalmer Airport to Sam sand dunes.

  • What is the cost of camping in Sam sand dunes?


Cost of Camping – Rs. 3500/ onwards per adult. It includes Camel Safari, Cultural show comprising Rajasthani folk dance and music, and Swimming Pool access.

  • What are the best things to do in Sam sand dunes?


Some of the best things to do in Sam sand dunes are as follows:Overnight Camping

-Camel Safari

-Jeep Safari

-Dune Bashing

-Quad Biking


-Cultural activities like folk dance and music.

-Desert Cultural Festival

-DJ Night


-Dinner on Dunes


-Visiting Desert National Park

  • Is desert safari in Sam sand dunes a good idea?


Yes. The Desert Safari in Sam sand dunes is a must & excellent idea to experience the thrill and fun of exploring the unknown terrain of the golden Jaisalmer desert on either a Camelback or a 4×4 open-top Jeep. The Safari will enable visitors to experience the thrill of visiting the remote corners of the desert and aborigines’ settlements, feel the bliss of spectacular Sunrise and Sunset, and marvel at the desert’s flora and fauna.

  • What is the Average Temperature of Sam sand dunes?


The average temperature of Sam sand dunes is 28-degree Celsius with a high of 44-degree Celcius, low of 9-degree Celsius, the humidity of 52% and visibility till 4 km.

  1. Hottest Month – June (Average: 36-degree Celsius)
    2. Coldest Month – January (Average: 15-degree Celsius)
    3. Winter’s: Day temperatures are less than 30-degree Celsius and night temperatures as low as 5-degree Celsius.
  2. Summers: Day temperatures are around 44-degree Celsius and night temperatures around 25-degree Celsius.
  3. Monsoon: Very little rainfall, with July and August being the wettest.
  • What things should be carried while going for Sam sand dunes?


Visitors should carry the following items with them while going to Sam sand dunes.

-Long-sleeved shirts and full-length trousers to protect from sun tanning and sand itching.
-Goggles, hat, and / or scarf.

-Sunscreen Lotion.

-A blazer or sweater to protect against chilly winds in the evenings or early mornings in winter.


-A powerful torchlight.


-Personal Medical kit (for emergency use).

-Extra Pair of apparel.

-Shawl or blanket

  • Which is the best time to visit Sam sand dunes?


The best time to visit Sam sand dunes is around dusk (4 p.m. – 7 p.m.) and during dawn (4 a.m. – 6 a.m.). Winter period between October to March is the most favored period to visit Sam sand dunes, as the temperature plummets to their lowest in the year. It is better to avoid summer and monsoon times because of severe weather conditions. Moreover, most of the camps remain closed during this period except for a few camel rides. Also, Rajasthan Cultural Festival held in the month of February offers a peek into the lifestyle of locals and the rich cultural heritage of the state. The various programs & competitions like a puppet show, Big Mustache show, camel race, folk dance, music, and others amaze the visitors.

  • What is the check in and check out timing of camping in sam sand dunes?


The check-in time for Camping in Sam Sand Dunes is 4 PM and the check out time is 10 AM. On your check-in, you are offered with a traditional welcome and a beverage. Similarly, before you check out, you are offered a mouth-watering delicious breakfast in the camp.

  • How to reach Sam sand dunes?


The Sam sand dunes are located 40 km away from Jaisalmer in Sam village. You will easily find private and public transport to reach the place.
If you are planning to travel by road, Jaisalmer is very well connected to the nearby major cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur etc.

Once you reach Jaisalmer, you can easily reach Sam village from Jaisalmer bus stop through public transports like tuk-tuk or cab rentals.
If you are planning to take a train, you will be happy to know that the Jaisalmer railway station is well connected to major cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur etc.

From the railway station, you will easily find auto-rickshaws, taxis or cab rentals for Sam sand dunes.
IF you are looking for a flight, the nearest airport to Sam Sand dunes is in Jodhpur which is around 275 km away. Once you reach Jodhpur, you will either have to take a train or road route.

  • Is camel safari at sam sand dunes safe?


Yes, camel safari at Sam Sand dunes is safe. All safety precautions are taken before you go for the ride.


Also, the camel trainer will instruct you accordingly before taking the ride so that you remain safe and do not fear due to the ups and downs caused by the camel walking.


You can enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise on the camel ride amidst the desert.

  • What type of accomodation is provided in Camping In Sam Sand Dunes?


The accommodations provided during Camping In Sam Sand Dunes are tents. You can select from any of the below tents as per your requirement


Non-AC Deluxe Swedish Tent
Air-Conditioned Deluxe Swedish Tent

Air-Conditioned Deluxe Cottage Tent

Air-Conditioned Royal Suite Swiss Tent

  • What type of meals are offered in Sam Sand Dunes Camping In Jaisalmer?


During you Sam Sand Dunes Camping In Jaisalmer you will be provided with breakfast, dinner, snacks and soft drinks.


The breakfast and dinner offered will only be vegetarian. The refreshments include a non-alcoholic welcome beverage, evening high tea and two water bottles as a compliment.

  • What activities will we do in Camping In Sam Sand Dunes?


The activities included in Camping In Sam Sand Dunes are camping, bonfire, sightseeing, camel safari, campfire, DJ, cultural activities and folk dance.

Additionally, you also have access to the swimming pool to beat the heat. And if you have kids with you, they can have a time of their life at our Kids play zone.

  • What facilities will be available at Camping In Sam Sand Dunes?


During your camping at Sam Sand dunes, you will stay in comfortable royal Swiss tents. You will have attached washrooms with specially designed western seats and facilities of hot and cold water. Moreover, you will enjoy vegetarian meals, refreshments and two complimentary water bottles.


Furthermore, you also will also find the facility of a swimming pool which is accessible only if you wear proper swimming costumes. Additionally, to keep the children busy and have their own time, a kids play zone is also available. On top of everything, you will have experience of a top class service during your stay.

  • Is there parking available in Sam Sand Dunes Camping In Jaisalmer?


Yes, parking option available in Sam Sand Dunes Camping in Jaisalmer.


However, if you are taking your own vehicle, you are requested to keep it in camp and do not drive it in the desert as it might get stuck. To explore the desert, you will have jeeps or camels available.

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