Entertainment Tadka RJ Amit

RJ Amit is an extremely funny man, The guy is a natural. It won’t be an exaggeration…..

A theatre artist at heart, he beautifully weaves in the top of the mind issues into Bollywood parodies. There is no limit to his tongue-in-cheek humour. RJ Amit is one man army when it comes to ideation, voicing, production, execution. He is your jack of all trade and master of many and to top it.  basically anything to everything that either affects the common man or interests him.  And his raw energy, enthusiasm and crazy observations will drive you mad as well. He sees the world with his own unique twist to it and hence his morning starts with a thought starter and not just a thought for the day. He waits for people to call him and his struggle is real. RJ Amit, in his typical style, brings the issue out in the open without unveiling the real identity of the caller.

Entertainment Tadka RJ Amit (2) Entertainment Tadka RJ Amit (4) Entertainment Tadka RJ Amit (5)

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