It is believed that Jaipur is a city full of colors where every festival is celebrates openly.  Talking about Rajasthani food is also the best in itself. People are so passionate about the food of Rajasthan that as long as they are in Rajasthan, they eat Rajasthani food, especially foreigners. There are many such markets in Jaipur that are very famous today.  Yes, we are talking about the small Choti- Chopar Market where even today the shops are running. The children of the shopkeepers are growing their business today, doing the same thing. A small leaf store (Pan-Bhandar) that has been turned into 42 years old, still the store is as famous as it was before. Though the living conditions of the people have changed, their taste still remains the same.

In Rajasthan, things are done very well for instance by cutting the drum, people turn it around in which they keeps the stuff in it and sell it. Stuff such as White Patashe, Bura, Jaggery, Makhane and Mishri etc. Tikaram Ji, who has done this kind of work, whose shop has been for 75 years old , is still very good for those things. He works both as wholesale and retail.

Choti chopar
In the same way talking about sweets in Rajasthan is also very popular such as Gulab-Jamun, Balushahi, Mishri Mava, Imarti etc. Similarly Samosa, Dal-Kachori, Pyaj -Kachori, Mirchi Vada and Aaloo Vada are very fond of Jaipur. The people of the city use more of these things in breakfast. It can also be called Royal Breakfast.
From children to adults, they like all these things to eat. Similarly, there are lots of flowers Shops in the choti chopar market which is very famous. This shop makes different kinds of flowers as garlands and they have many types of flowers like Roses with different colors, Rose Petals, Lily and Orchid.

choti chopar bazar    choti chopar (2)      choti vhopar phool wala





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