Choti Diwali ( Small Diwali) would be celebrated by the people on Today 29th of October, at Saturday.

The day before main Diwali is celebrated as ‘Choti Diwali’ or ‘Small Diwali’.  The enthusiasm with which people celebrate this festival in Jaipur elaborates on their zest, passion and importance of this festival. The city of Jaipur give a whole new meaning to the words ‘festivals’ and ‘celebrations’ during Diwali. Jaipur celebrate this day with fewer lights and fewer crackers.

choti diwali

The celebration of Choti Diwali in Jaipur. People of Jaipur are known for their love for food. Ladies indulge themselves in preparation of delicacies like  Churma,Gunjhiya, Mawa Kachori,  Laddo,Barfi, Moti Pak, Sohan Papdi, Mava Barfi, Jalebi, Kheer, Shakkarpare and many more. The women decorate their house with beautiful rangolis in the morning after choti diwali. Tiny footprints which symbolizes, as the footprints of Lakshmi, made out of rice paste are a special feature of the rangolis made for Diwali. In the evening Lakshmi Puja is done with Arati and Bhajans. After the puja, the diyas are placed in and around the house: in the doorway, near the Tulsi plant.

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