Mohammad Ehsaan who has been doing elephant business from last seven years. This is their family business. Their personal contact is with elephant. He said Elephants recognize their body’s smell and begin to get good contact with them. All elephants are given different names. When the elephant sells it, then the name of that elephant is in the document.
Normally cold and summer cuisine of elephants is different. They need water every little bit in the summer and if seen in winter, water is required four to five times a day. Elephants always raise three kinds of sounds. Like when he feels some good or bad or when the elephant is angry. We can detect by the elephant’s body and their trunk, whether he is hungry or thirsty. With their sounds we understand what they want. The cost of an elephant is 3000-3500 per day.  Everyday 300 to 400 Indian and Foreigners visit here.

Earlier this was under the supervision of the Tourist Department. And now it is under the forest department. Entry tickets are different and activities are also provided such as feeding, painting etc. We use the turmeric vegetables colors above the Elephant. We use the same color as suit the elephant’s body. The artwork of lions, leaf and birds etc. is done on the body of Elephant. Mostly painting is done on the trunk of elephant. Doctor’s team comes for elephant home-age every week and every elephants gets a proper treatment. Ayurvedic medicines are given to elephants.

There a pond where elephants are bathed and the food are provided near the pond. There is a lot of quiet atmosphere over there. These elephant does not harm any visitors. The facility of stay is also provided there. Greenery is very good there. The Indian chickens and Chinese chickens are seen.




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