Where they provide once-in-a-lifetime memories of Jaipur  most stunning on-road and off-road destinations. ‘Club Rajputana Classic Jeep’ has been providing one-of-a-kind unique adventure tours since February 2016.  Come join the  people who have taken a life-changing ‘CRCJ’ Tour today! With Forty spectacular CRCJ Jeep Tours to choose from you can select the just the right experience for you. ‘CRCJ’Jeep OTR custom builds their highly specialised vehicles for your personal safety and comfort. All of CRCJ Jeeps are newer, ‘CRCJ’ spare no expense to equip their vehicles with the best custom off-road suspension systems and wheels. This means a better ride for you and less impact on our forest trails.

Scenic, off-road and high adventure fun in spectacular send rock Place! Jaipur , Near Jaipur is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan. Our OTR Jeep Tours have thrilled visitors! For the most popular off-road tour into Jaipur’s magnificent outback, be sure to book the  Tour. For history buffs, explore the mystery and capture the history on the Ancient Ruin Tour. For a stunning jeep ride and see-forever vistas, climb aboard the Scenic Rim Tour, or board our custom Tour Trekker vehicle and head north on the Grand OTR Tour! ‘CRCJ’  Jeep Tours, the  off-road tour company, offers tours for every budget. See what people are saying about us! You Gotta Do It!


Anything is possible in Jaipur—even time travel. This Ancient Ruins Tour takes you on a wild archaeological excursion through cliff dwellings from prehistoric cultures hundreds of years in the past. CRCJ  Tours guides you through an exploratory look at the Rajasthan  Heritage Site. Rajasthan  and the  also home to other ancient ruins, including Monument, Heritage Site. Start your guided exploration of the Jaipur’s Heritage site today!

‘CRCJ’ Founder Ravi Pratap Singh And Shivraj Singh Welcome to the Pink city Tours Adventure, your source for INSIDER INFORMATION and TRAVEL TIPS when planning a trip to the Jaipur. Our adventure guides are the local experts, equipped with training and  years of knowledge at their disposal. When it comes to the best things to do, where to eat, shopping, you name it; use our expertise to help transform your trip into an adventure of a lifetime.



ONLY HAVE 24 HOURS?They have ideas to maximize your time on the ground, including suggestions for extended stays. And to top it all off they take hundreds of thousands of guests on their unique adventure tours every year, so ‘CRCJ’ stay current on what’s trending. ‘CRCJ’ adventure vehicles are on-of-a-kind and the largest tour fleet in theJaipur, fully customized to bring you the safest, most comfortable tour available. ‘CRCJ’ adventure guides are the perfect blend between a jeopardy contestant and a late night show host, eager to showcase more than just a pretty postcard.

So come explore with ‘Club Rajputana Classic Jeep’ Tours and learn about what makes us so excited about traveling and enjoy everything the Jaipur has to offer!



Take off in a open-air 4WD vehicles over bumpy Place, where the Natural Pool sits pretty in sandy area.You’ll have an hour here to snorkel around the rock and sand, plus stop at other OTR place attractions like the Kanota And Jodhpur. This half-day tour departs in the morning or afternoon. Hot lunch or dinner, cold beverages, and round-trip hotel transport are included. It’s a 4×4 off-road adventure you won’t want to miss!

‘CRCJ’offering the perfect mix of adventure and luxury. They will start with a basic off road “warm up,” followed by an off-road excursion on Their remote west side logging trails complete with a stream crossing, mud pass, rock crawl and log crawl. All features and obstacles are exciting enough to challenge and thrill beginner to intermediate levels of off-road enthusiasts.The off road challenge is fast jeep driving in this offroad extreme environment. You would get to drive many different off road vehicles in this multiple level extreme driving simulator.


Off-road  Jeep Driving has different camera views, including first person view driving for ultimate driving experience. The highly tuned up turbo trucks are a lot of fun to drive through extreme terrain in this off road adventure game. High mountains, steep slopes and gravel tracks, along with massive environment scale, including lakes and bridges, makes this hill climb racing game extremely engaging.

You will given a time limit to cover important checkpoints in each level of this 4×4 off road rally game. Your target would be to maneuver your off road vehicles through the hills and mountains and stay on the off road extreme track without crashing into mountains and trees. High speed driving in these, especially in first person view mode, makes this game very addictive. If you like hill climb racing games and are also a fan of suv simulator or off road  driving that gives you full adrenaline rush, you will surely love this off road simulator.

If you want a mix of desert, canyon, and mountain, the Jaipur, Jodhpur, And upcoming Churu Track Tour is perfect blend of all three.  Each tour has its own unique beauty and all are a photographer’s dream. ‘CRCJ’Jeep Wranglers will take you from the desert to the mountains and everywhere in-between.



Features of Offroad Hill Jeep Driving:

–  map to assist in Jeep driving

– Multiple off road Jeep models to choose from

– Highly detailed extreme  offroad driving environment with huge mountains, lakes and hills

– Multiple camera views

– Engaging off road challenge in each level

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