The rising fashion designer Gopal Singh, started his career  in Jaipur before Two year  and later started his own first independent collection in the January 2016. business has been growing steadily for Gopal Singh. he’s been busy developing his own signature mix of architectural shapes with distinctive prints on luxurious fabrics to make clothes that are elegant and practical.  Fashion designing is all about making the best use of one’s creativity and skills. It is something people of all ages and generations enjoy. Gopal Singh love being creative and he is passionate about fashion.

Gopal Singh always knew that he wanted to be a fashion designer. He always dreamt of starting his own fashion company. He love fashion and business. There appear to be really different extremes,  He also love working with talented people.

When ‘Jaipur explore’ Talked to him About his work, He said- I have worked with some amazingly talented people and still do, through my work with I have met and dressed Jaipur Collector with Virasat’s Dress. He Added  I am proud that I have not changed or lost touch with reality, and I still feel very humbled by what presents itself to me and also still feel very challenged and excited.  He would say anyone who has a dream that they actively pursue without treading on toes. In the fashion industry he do meet some interesting characters who will do whatever it takes to get to the top and he also inspired by people meet who are doing well but not stepping on anyone else on the way.


His clothes are pricey but they’re not as expensive He can dress all kinds of men and women, but he has his own aesthetics Rajasthani Style, which makes him unique. his dream is ‘Making heritage to legacy’. His collections are commercial and creative at the same time. He has amazing prints and does a lot of research on materials. He combines elements in a very interesting way and there’s nothing heavy or clumsy about his approach.

Gopal Singh glad to know that Jaipur Explore in is a multilingual website. Jaipur Explore is Jaipur’s Magaine who works for Jaipur . This is the way forward

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