Women empowerment is a burning universal issue. Hence, In today’s global society pressures for women  mpowerment are growing. Women empowerment refers to authorize. Women are increasingly getting empowered to decide and take decision about different aspects of their life and profession. If women are not empowered, they cannot enjoy their life, security, protection in life. The global economy will be adversely affected as world’s population. Because of women’s empowerment we can remove injustice, gender bias and inequalities.
Women are able to lives their life happily and fully freedom. Women are highly creative and intelligent to receive their contributions in social, economic activities. In a wide range of industries, women are making name for themselves.
Women of today have right to study, to choose whatever profession they like, to work, to start, manage or run their business, to express themselves freely, to get involve in social-family issues, to make decision for their own life and empower themselves for life satisfaction. Women empowerment is understood as a very narrow term in today’s
world. There are so many competitions, party, business meetings, events etc. in which women participated with their interest.
Women empowerment itself elaborates the social-economic rights, political rights, economic stability and all other rights should be equal to women. In today’s time, women are involved in every field such as corporate world. There are so many Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Principle, Maid, and Writer, Businesswomen, lawyers and many other successful women in their career today. Today, around the globe, women are awakening to their power to be the best of what she can do.

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There are so many training programs, business grants, opportunities, for women today. Though if we treat women with respect, this will automatically boost their confidence.Women are everywhere in today’s world and also have
skilled as men. Women are increasingly taking an interest in the nation improvement handle. Women also capable these days even in front of men in numerous financial states. Thus women empowerment is must for themselves, for their own successful future and even for our nation.
Such Example: Neema kanwar who belongs to Churu, is a great example of womanish. She is a strong lady with fulfill of knowledge. She is working in Churu from last 15years. She teaches there all people with full of confidence and want to educate them. In this way, she is improving the future of women and her village. She is very hard working women and involves in many social things. Whenever there is any problem in the village, she is the first one who started working on that problem/issue. She is a biggest and best example for all women in the village.

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