One of the unique places for the weekend and valentine party in Jaipur is the Fantastic “The Dadiya Adventure & Resort. Feel like royalty as you enjoy delicious food  amidst the beautifully classy surrounding of the Jaipur.

The weekend and valentine’s party held here is considered to be one of the biggest in Jaipur, complete with fine dining and exclusive offers. A host of local performers, DJs, and artists ascend to the Resort each year to let you enjoy an unforgettable celebration. Parties at The Dadiya Adventure & Resort are perfect for dancing away the night with your friends or enjoying a romantic dinner.
With your loved one ❤.
fare:₹ 2000/- per Night
#Tent for the couple
#Music for all
#Dinner unlimited
Next-Day breakfast
#Lassi & Butter milk
#Aloo paranthe
#Egg bhurji
#Tea or Coffee☕
●volley Ball⚾
●Rassa khinch ♀ competition
For booking Contact on 9983727152

‘Location:’ The Dadiya Adventure & Resort Sanganer, Jaipur.



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