Ashtami 2021 will fall on Wednesday, 13 October, marking the eighth day of Navratri 2021.  It is also known as Durga Ashtami or Maha Ashtami and is one of the most auspicious days according to Hinduism.

On Ashtami, it is the Mahagauri form of Durga Mata that is worshiped and this day is celebrated across India with utmost love and reverence for Goddess Durga.

Kumari puja 2021 shall be celebrated on 13 October 2021 and is one of the significant rituals of Asthami. It is also known as Kanya Puja and Kumarika Puja. In this ritual, nine young girls below the age of ten are treated as Goddess Durga and worshiped ritualistically. After the puja, they are given a lavish feast and fed extravagant food. During Kumari Puja, each girl is worshipped with a dedicated Mantra as well.

This ritual is celebrated all across India and in many places, celebrated on all nine days of the Durga Navratri. In West Bengal, it is observed on Maha Ashtami while rest of the country usually celebrates it on Navami tithi.

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