Devi represents the omnipresent cosmic Energy. The entire Creation is permeated through this Energy. The prosperity that we revel in our everyday lives is a manifestation of Devi. Mother Divine serves us in a lot of forms. The kinds of our mother, father, friends, husband, wife, son, daughter and additionally the Guru. The revolving planets and the moon is Devi appearing aarti to us. Through puja, we say, “Oh Mother, anything you deliver to me, I deliver returned to you. For example, at some stage in the Puja, we provide meals grains to Devi as Nature affords us with meals. Devi Puja is an expression of accelerated cognizance, displaying reverence to the entire Creation. The puja that we carry out at some stage in the nine days of Navratri is a manner of honouring the Devi and displaying our gratitude to the Mother Divine. While attending the puja we surrender all our worldly sports for some time and input into deep meditation.

The prayer, chanting, and meditation performed in the course of Navratri join us with our spirit. Getting in contact with the spirit invokes high-quality characteristics inside us and destroys laziness, pride, obsession, cravings, and aversions. When pressure withinside the shape of negative feelings is destroyed, we revel in the deep relaxation of the reworking 9 nights.

Spiritual Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “There is Devi energy (Shakti) within all of us. Devi is not somewhere else, not in some other world. If we sit deep in meditation, the glow within the body will brighten and will expand and spread outside. This is Devi Puja.”

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