Navratri in Rajasthan is marked with the aid of using the well-known Dussehra Mela (fair). During Dussehra, melas end up the centre of all attention and hundreds of humans flock to the huge floor to celebrate. A 72-foot effigy of Ravana, the tallest in India, is likewise busted with crackers. Later, a fair of 20 days is organized throughout exceptional towns in Rajasthan until Dhanteras, which marks the start of Diwali, or any other religious pageant in India.

The Dussehra mela marks the start of the festive season in Rajasthan. One can witness people carrying lovely conventional garments, youngsters frolicking on the Mela floor, people imparting their prayers to Goddess Durga and infectious strength that sweeps over the city.

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