With Maha Navami today (October 14), the nine-day long Hindu festival of Navratri will come to its end.  On the final day of Navratri, devotees worship Maa Siddhadatri, the ninth manifestation of Maa Durga. According to the folklore, she has the power to fulfil all wishes of her devotees. Many who observe fast for nine days during the festival break their fasts on this day. They chant various mantras and shlokas while worshipping the deity and perform kanya puja.

Navratri 2021: Maa Siddhidatri Significance

On the ninth day of Navratri, Goddess Siddhidatri is worshiped. Siddhi means meditative ability and Dhatri means giver. She is seated on a lotus and has four arms which hold a lotus, mace, conch shell and discus. This day is also observed as Mahanavami. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva had attained all the siddhis by the grace of Goddess Siddhidatri and this is the reason why his half body was that of the Goddess; he was known as Ardhanareshwara.


Navratri 2021: Maa Siddhidatri Puja Vidhi

On this day, a special havan is performed. After worshipping Goddess Siddhidatri, other Gods and Goddesses are worshiped and mantras from the Durga Saptashati are also recited to invoke the Goddess. The Beej mantra such as Om Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichay Namo Namah should be recited 108 times while giving ahuti in the havan. The prasad should be distributed among the devotees present for the havan at the end.

Kanya puja is also performed on Ashtami for which you need to invite nine girls to your home. Respect the little girls while washing their feet. Offer food which is actually kanya-prasadam to all girls including suji (semolina flour) ka halwa, poori and kala chana along with a coconut and some money.


Navratri 2021: Maa Siddhidatri Mantra

Vande Vanchit Manortharth Chandrardhkrit Shekharam


Kamalsthitan Chaturbhuja Siddhidatri Yashaswanim

Swarnavarna Nirvanchakrasthita Navam Durga Trinetram

Shankh, Chakra, Gada, Padam, Dharan, Siddhidatri Bhajem

Patambar Paridhanan Mriduhasya Nanalankar Bhooshitam

Manjeer, Haar, Keyoor, Kinkini, Ratnakundal Manditam

Praful Vandana Pallavandhara Kaant Kapolan Peenpayodharam

Kamniya Lavanya Shrikoti Nimnnabhi Nitambaneem

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