DR. UJWALA SHARMA (Head of Department of Fine & Arts), whose native place is Jaipur, Rajasthan. She completed M.A and Ph.d from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. She has been working as a Professional Lecturer in ICG College (The IIS University) since 1995, Jaipur.

She took this stream because she had a lot of interest in this drawing and painting. Since her childhood she was having keen interest in creative things and since then her interest towards artistic things grew more and more. She is very curious in academics so she is doing a job in this field. She also doing Freelance works as soon as they get time; this is a desire for her. She said she fully satisfied with her job, her career and life.  After retirement she wants to become an artist and wants to start Dream of Gallery. She loves to do travelling. She mainly works on Theme Abstract and their art is conceptual.


IMG_20171001_202501    IMG_20171001_202526    IMG_20171001_202647

          ABSTRACT ART                                   ABSTRACT ART                                        ABSTRACT ART

IMG_20171001_202709                        IMG_20171001_202733

             ABSTRACT ART                                                                          ABSTRACT ART





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