Durgesh Atal
Durgesh Atal

A struggler artist DURGESH ATAL belongs from Jaipur. He completed his graduation and post-graduation from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. He has a studio at Raja Park, Jaipur and also works as a Free Lance artist. He has done four solo shows in Delhi and Jaipur. He creates art on Fabriano Paper with Charcoal. He takes Art & Paintings classes two to three hours in the evening. Students can work there even after the end of their class. There is no restriction on children.

He expresses the feeling of senior citizen by his Paintings. He shows every single wrinkle of old people whereby every wrinkle reflects the story of their life. His main focus is on Large Portraits or Frames as large sheets are not found in Jaipur so the sheets are from outside. He has also studied Nature. By next year, His students will also bring their exhibition/stall in Art Fair.

His words: There was such a time in my life when i made a portrait outside the Albert Hall in 50 rupees only. At that time there was no money in my pocket so I did that work but today I am not ashamed of this because it’s my work, my passion. It feels great on this platform and getting very appreciates.


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