While talking about Kota; apart from the various heritage sites, education and picturesque locations, the thing that comes to one’s mind is Kota Kachori. Kachori may sound very normal and simple for people, but when one tastes the Kota Kachori, it really becomes special and worth talking about. It may not be wrong to call it the real taste of Rajasthan.

The main ingredients of this super delicious and spicy dish being gram flour and moong dal. Onion Kachori is also famous in the city apart from this but the moong dal one is the most liked and relished by people. People who travel to various parts of the world carry Kota Kachoris with them as they are long lasting too.

Kachori may be called an emotion for the people of Kota as their functions, any social gatherings and of course the hunger cravings most of the times mean Kachori. If some guests are arriving to any place in Kota from outside, Kachori is the main offering to them apart from all other dishes. It has actually become a brand of Kota all over the world.

Kota Kachori is said to have that divine taste because of a secret ingredient, and that is believed to be the water of Chambal River. As people are Rajasthan are known for their liking for spicy food, Kachori fulfils that requirement properly and in fact sometime people get happy tears of spice in their eyes. It is a fulfilling dish that serves the need of each and every person of Kota.

An explosion of flavors can be experienced after having a bite of this amazing Kachori as the taste of asafetida is prominent along with all the aromatic mixture of ground spices. Along with this, the amazing green and sweet chutneys add to the blast of taste. So folks, make it a point to taste this amazing and delicious taste bomb the next time you visit Kota.


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JE Kota Editor
JE Kota Editor

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