Umed Singh Keriri, a person who realises that in some way or the other one could help the needy. A social worker who has been working from past 21 years who realised the value of rupees one and came up with a brilliant idea “Ek rupiya prati din” which means Rs.1 per day.
This idea came to his mind when he saw that no one was rich enough to help the needy and bring the change in the society but on the other hand, no one was that poor that they could not donate Rs.1 per day. Therefore on 2000, he decided to bring this scheme. This scheme was a pretty successful and it helped many as Umed Singh believed that educating the children is the key to bring the change in the society. He is one human being who tried to help every possible people he came across. His living style is simple and the best part about him is that before thinking of himself he thinks about the society

Umed Singh Keriri (2) Umed Singh Keriri (3)
He has been an inspiration to many and today is we see the list of names who were benefited from this scheme we can see that few of those names have a very prominent role in bringing a big difference in today’s society, along with this Umed Singh’s talents include being an amazing leader commendable orator and a person with a kind heart.
Today he is a government employee working in Sikar and still doing the best he can to improve the condition of the society he is someone who actually made us believe that every drop counts in making a river.

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