“We are against distorting of historical facts.” “Bhansali should give assurance of not damaging Rani Padmavati’s image”

By Vikram Singh Dhodhliya
(Editor-in Chief)

The Karni Sena claims that Padmini was a proud queen known for taking her own life rather than submit to Alauddin Khilji, the emperor who attacked the Chittorgarh Fort.

Padmini committed “Jauhar” or immolated herself with scores of other women as Alauddin Khilji waited to conquer the fort and claim her.

The Rajput Karni Sena has demanded that Bhansali should delete such scenes in the film, if any.The protesters manhandled the ace director and alleged that the film has love scenes between Queen Padmini and ruler Alauddin Khilji, played by actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

They had warned the filmmakers against presenting wrong facts. When they came to know about the shooting, they gathered there and protested.

They had earlier requested him (Bhansali) to show them the script which he did not do. The Karni Sena are against distorting of historical facts and they know that he has distorted historical facts.

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In there, film-makers and people know their rights. We need to know ours. And what I know is that “History” is “His-story” and the “His” in this context, according to me, is the one who writes it and not the one it is about, because it is never about one, it’s always about “them” and them is how we see them. I know that’s very convoluted but then what isn’t, I got it from the man who coined the word and it has been passed down the ages to me and I will protest against anyone who says otherwise and hurts my ancestral sensibilities.

 And what exactly is offending us? Is it history? Distortion of history? When wasn’t our history distorted, first in the textbooks, before that by very many custodians of history? In a country that has staid and negligible copyright laws, who has copyright over history? Don’t we have various versions of it officially available? Well, creativity is  an excuse here and  History to bears the brunt of it..

karni sena

Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali Please read the facts recorded by the historians about This Queen. No director has the right to damage history for entertainment.”

There are legal ways to object, if they have an issue.  The Karni Sena basic protest is about distortion of historic facts which will not be tolerated.

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