There is an increase in the inclusion of people in social service, which is very good for our country.Social service is not done only with money, but understanding the sense of the people is also a very important thing.Many people do social service to get them satisfy, many people do social service for happiness. It is to be mentioned thatDr. Suman Kanwar Shekhawat and Hemendra Kumari Dudumember of working community of Rajput Sabha Bhavan, who help the people of Rajput community. Rajput community has 19 men and 2 women. Rajput Communityruns three days Exhibition that is only for Rajput women in which they all participate and can sell their products too. Dr. Suman Ji and Hemendra Ji handle all the work of this Exhibition, mainly looking at their requirements and fulfilling their needs.The exhibition stall has a charge of 6000 rupees including GST, Advertisement of their stall and Electricity.Accommodation of Stalling Women is done by the Rajput Sabha Bhavan and it is chargeable. The exhibition timing is Morning 9:30to Evening 9:30. Not only Rajasthan, but people from outsideRajasthan also come to the exhibition to sell their products.  This exhibition is very big.Stall such as Jewellery (Original and Imitation), Rajputi Poshak etc. There are so many cultural activities here during the exhibition like – 

·        Children Dance Competition

·        Rangoli Competition

·        Mehandi Competition

·        Ghoomar Dance

·        Fashion Show

·        Gharba and

·        Lottery Tickets

Whoever wins in this competition is given a prize from the Rajput Sabha Bhavan Community.

 Food Facilities: Three to four stalls are also placed in the food feature. Elections are held once in three years and voting members are from the Rajput Sabha Bhavan itself.Entry is free forpeople who are visiting in the exhibition. A health check-up camp is also organized in this exhibition in which eye check-up is free of cost.
Rajput community does not do this work for income rather this work is done for women in the future.Similarly Rajput Sabha Bhavan is engaged in social service. This community is ahead for Rajput Community Women first.

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