(Former Chief Justice of Madras & Karnataka High Court)

With the blessings of Acharya Shri VidhyaNandJiMuniraj, who has blessed me, for this nobleGesture. With immense pleasure, I feel proud and privileged to present this book to the august gathering on the birth centenary year of my father late justice J.P. Jain to perpetuate, his loving memory which is evergreen in my heart.

This function is not merely a felicitation of my father’s centenary year but it projects the Indian treasure, which lies in its old civilization, admired by European and other countries for the love, affection and reverence we have towards each other,despite of many barriers. We have inherited these qualities, which is a part of our culture. We should adopt and preserve those qualities to encourage younger generation to follow the footsteps of our elders.

I am fortunate that I was born and brought up in such a family. Myparents were followers of Jain principles and not in rituals only. My father was a great sportsman,straight forward and a disciplined person and held in good esteem. He never believed in the policy of appeasement and bereft of any sort of hypocrisy in life.

My father had so many other good qualities; a few of them are simplicity, integrity, fairness, compassion, commitment, passion of work, to treat everybody alike, therefore he was a good human being as well. He also advised us to discharge our duties with sincerity and also to behave with others in the same manner as we expect others to behave with us. I have tried to imbibe these qualities in my life. By the grace of God, blessings of my parents and good wishes of you all. I could perform my duties, as per my conscious to my full satisfaction in various


My father had amiable personality and because of it, whosever met him could not forget him in his life. To maintain the position of my father, my pious and contented mother helped and sacrificed at all stages.

I and my family members have no word, to express my sincere thanks to the former chief justice of India, Hon’ble Justice M.N.Venkatachaliah, Padmavibhushan, who is well known for his humbleness, grace and hard-work for passing foreword note of this book. We all express our gratitude to other distinguished judges namely justice Davleer Bhandari, judge, international court of justice, Padmabhushan, justice T.S. Thakur, former chief justice of India and judges of Hon’ble supreme court and high court, senior advocates and family friends who have faith in preservation, maintenance and furtherance of rule of law for their concern and sending their re-collections and reminiscences.

 My father and his advice still lives in my mind, reminding at all times, that you should stay true to yourself. And be happy and do not expect any from anybody and do not provoke anyone so that your heart be not troubled by anybody. I have always strived to follow the path shown by him.

My cousin brother Mitrsen and my wife Aruna were keen to celebrate birth centenary of my father in year 2017. But unfortunately they are not there in person.

I am also thankful to Shri M.L.Dhobkariya, who inspired me to bring out this book,on the occasion of my father’s 100th birthday,which may inspire the coming generation. Further I thank SandeepShah of Raju graphic art, Dr. Chandrika Prasad, K.K. Mittal, Tarun, Veersain, Amarchandpradeep, Chetan and other who relentlessly worked to bring out this book in a short time.

I hope, the younger generation will take advantage of my father’s ideals by adopting them in their life to get all round success.

SadarNaman.                       N.K.Jain

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