Perhaps because he was an avid debater growing up, or perhaps because his immediate surroundings lent themselves to free and fierce dialogue, SANJAY MACHEDRI has always had the habit of raising the right questions. According to Sanjay Being a down-to-earth politician also means that you’re never off duty – people approach you even if you’re visiting a coffee shop with your family.

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Sanjay said when I found myself with the opportunity to lead 10 students in cultivating more entrepreneurship on campus, I was excited for the chance to make an impact. One of the first things I did to prepare was sign up for a leadership offered specifically to undergraduates leading student organizations on campus. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to wrap my head around the whole “leadership” thing.

The very fact that we made it to college means that we are really good at “knowing the names of things” because our environment values that type of learning. Knowing what to call things is vitally important to effective communication. But as a student leader, you realize that knowing the difference between “Great Man Theory” and “Relational Based Leadership” means basically nothing.

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Sanjay has organised many Youth Festival Programs for which the Sanjay directs its team which includes, activities at the state  levels. Ultimately such platform gives students an opportunity to understand the different parts of Rajasthan as well as the country. It is an opportunity for the students of University,  This gives them exposure and is a celebration of cultural diversity and difference, a unity in diversity. The Team of Sanjay takes special care and interest that the students of the University/colleges participate in these festivals with great zest.

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His Team are always keen not only to provide standard academic programs but also to inculcate self-reliance and boost the confidence amongst the students. Sanjay’s Team provides opportunities to all the candidates seeking admission to various Diploma/Graduate/Post-Graduate programs in teaching departments of the university, particularly those who have talent in cultural and literary activities. Sanjay’s Team has been organizing various competitions to inculcate creativity among the students

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Sanjay added We believe that ‘’knowledge or education has only one duty, to secure the welfare of the students’’.  Firmly working on the above quote, we work ardently on our student welfare department, so that we can take care of each student and extend our full support, guidance whole heartedly in both academic and non-academic matters.  In university students’ welfare zone we besides the education part, we work consistently on Time management, stress management, values instilling, hard work, regularity, kind of aspects, so that the success of students can be measured  not only just quantitatively but qualitatively as well.  Sanjay is always taking sincere efforts for the all-round development of students. It executes various activities in colleges.

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