Don’t you think it would be cool to have someone like Vaibhav Gehlot as a political leader of India? A young Leader Vaibhav Gehlot, the only son of Rajasthan’s Former chief minister Ashok Gehlot.
He is the young, forward thinking and very energetic Vaibhav Gehlot who is making waves the world over because of his liberal policies. I’m sure Other Young Leaders is doing a good job himself. But, given our scenario, don’t you think it would be worth the wishful thinking?

Vaibhav Gehlot--a Dynamic Young leader (3)

“We need to be courageous and we need to show, once again, that he is not afraid to challenge the status quo, even if it means breaking with our own traditions,” he said. It only makes sense that he is the leader of The Congress Party. He has a vision and he is on his way to implementing it. While selfies and digitalisation is something our leaders are talking about and walking towards, they are still threatening to monitor any online conversations, moral policing the youth when they have a country’s development to look into-Instead of bashing opposition and shaming the youth and anyone with an opinion which is what most of our leaders are too busy doing, wouldn’t it be nice if they actually cared about the growth of the country, instead? Shed light on the positive aspects and reinstate our faith in the system, like Vaibhav does? He gives Rajasthan hope!

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