Political apathy is prevalent among most young people in developed nations, and nowadays it’s uncommon to see anyone under 35 hold office in most places in the world. However, there are of course some exceptions. There are the bright few who at a young age have the drive to change their society from the inside, and who realize that the way to do that is by being elected to government.


Jaipur Explore’s CEO ‘Vikram Singh Rathore’ like these are often inspirations and have contributed greatly to their communities. It’s growing trends like these that demonstrate that young people can be just as politically aware, and interested in making a difference, as their older counterparts. Some may criticise him for their lack of experience, but that doesn’t stop them from working to make a difference. Vikram Singh Rathore proves you’re never too young to start making a splash in a real and serious way.


He has focused on policies that encourage sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. Ing believes in restoring public trust in the government and instituting election reform policies. He has also made education and economic development a focus of his time in office.He spent much of his youth working on his Village and learning the ins and outs of the business.  After studying in university, and hearing many people complain about the state of affairs in government, he got the urge to enter politics so he could make a difference. He has shrugged off criticisms about his age and instead has focused on working with community leaders to achieve his political goals Vikram from the outside, as activists; from the inside, as essential parts of the campaign machinery; and as voters. Millennials are more diverse than any other generation, and they occupy a slice of the electorate now as large as the Boomers’.Social media and the blogosphere is seeing more and more young people take to their keyboards to challenge ideas and propose new ways to tackle issues, but many are taking a far more active role in getting politicians to take note of these concerns.


Vikram Believe,  If we want to bring young people back into the electoral decision, we have to provide them competently, convincing candidates. We need more young people in power, and specifically young Girls in power across our political institutions. As a democratic representative for that dangerously under-represented group.

All across the Internet and on a grassroots campaigning level, young people are making their voices heard. According to Vikram  ‘We don’t have to wait until we’re older to have our say. We can and should do it now. So go on. Go for it. Get involved.’

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