Vikram Singh Dhodhaliya  has received welcomes from political parties that can be described as warm without stifling a snigger. Parties want them. They want them to make things happen. Could it be that this is the most compelling time for Vikram to enter politics.

There is, of course, an element of sacrifice involved. Vikram    who changed his sartorial style to sign up. This was barely weeks ago, On 28 February,” he says, “I walked into a room of Politician full of people dressed in white. And I was the only one dressed in an orange formal shirt. , When I walked out, I was a BJP member. he says, dressed immaculately now in white.He envisions “pure and healthy politics” with youth participation, and sees the Internet as a transformative tool. “I am a politician equipped with new generation technology,” he says, “I am in a position to understand the scenario.” Reality is what he wants the system to engage with, and he sees information as the key for “good people” to “build a good nation”.

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 Aware that he must contend with money power and identity politics, both of which tend to dictate electoral outcomes, he is banking on a high youth turnout for victory. “I am 100 per cent certain… ,” he said, during an interview at the end of Feb. “The younger generation has been looking for someone to give them hope. They have waited long. Now they realise, why not become part of the legislature and make informed and responsible decisions that have been denied to them?”

 He feels, have brought people together and given them a renewed sense of nationalism. “Politics has engulfed every aspect of our lives,” says Vikram, “You are either killed by politics or you prosper because of politics. And if we claim to be the world’s largest democracy, young people will have to make it work.”

 Vikram Singh who heads the operation, in his magazine & News Paper and the first with that tag to join active politics.  “The corporate world is limited,” he says, “In politics, on the other hand, the canvas is really vast. And whoever has come in from the corporate sector into politics has become infected with this ‘change’ virus. You have to come and experience the excitement. Where else can you get an opportunity to sit down in the morning and think about creative ways of tackling India’s problems?”

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 Vikram points out, the new generation is quite up-to-date with what’s going on in and beyond India. “Through politics, they can make a difference, they can influence policy decisions. We are a young country and by channelising their energies in the right direction, the 21st century can belong to India.” It’s a long-haul likelihood only the youth can possibly bet on with more realism than rhetoric.

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