Chef Narayan Singh Shekhawat is a pioneer in innovative cuisine and has modified the way people understand approximately cooking as a profession.

Chef Narayan Singh Shekhawat was born in a Rajasthani family from Hudeel Rajasthan, His father was in Army this is why he spent his childhood in multiple towns of India.
Taking notion from actual meals recipes, Narayan has converted the recipes into easy step-by-step processes with the creative presentation; his cooking style is unique using easy ingredients which have led him to be on the list of good chefs.

Chef Narayan believes the entirety takes place for a reason. Hard work, willpower and ardour are his using forces, while faith has a tendency to his spiritual side. The Executive Chef at hotel Avalon 360 degree club and restaurant is living his childhood dream by eating, creating and breathing beautiful food. Narayan Singh holds Indian delicacies near his heart, locating comfort in his mother’s and granny and joy in their recipes.


“I have always been critical about food,” With the love of food running through his veins owing to his rajwadi lineage, The wafting fragrance of achaar and parathe, delicious mutton and Churma from his mother’s Kitchen would make him yearn for fresh, warm and delicious food. As he began to assist his mother with the cooking and obediently, he would experiment and innovate, attempting to tweak the flavours. “My passion made me develop a keen eye for anything that was being cooked around me, from bajra rotis being baked in a clay stove to the tempering of Mutton at a local shop; I’d observe everything and come home eagerly wanting to replicate,” he shares.

As he grew older, the inevitable day of decision-making arrived: “My true calling came from the kitchen, and I knew I was destined to make it in there.” After chancing upon the possibility of Hotel Management into the world of hotels, Chef Narayan applied for the Hotel Management and Catering Technology.
Today, standing tall at the helm of the kitchens, Chef Narayan Singh is a self-made man.

Chef Narayan Singh has been in the food and hospitality industry for many years and has worked his way up to the top, he has been the head chef at many international restaurants and hotels, creating truly inspiring food. Though Narayan Singh Shekhawat is one of the talented chefs and extends skills far beyond in the culinary department. He studied in hotel management, affiliated with American hotels lodging association USA. He began his training in the year 2005 with hotel man Singh group India and contributed to opening many hotels like welcome group hotels, shiv Vilas resort Jaipur and many more….

Chef Narayan Singh travelled to Asia Pacific region countries to continued share his work experience in group restaurant and hotels, his biggest international achievement and we’ll be organised for IFFA film fare ward function, and got appreciation from IFFA international 2012, later moved South America and Caribbean countries to explore his journey in towards to get enhance his rich experience. Chef Narayan Singh developed his love for the exotic and aromatic flavour of the world.


Chef Narayan gratefully continues to learn and innovate, from his mother and granny. Sharing pearls of wisdom, he says, “There’s nothing in life you cannot achieve if you are driven by passion and dedication.


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