Famous coffee shop near statue circle for cold and hot coffee.
No matter how many Baristas and CCDs open, nothing can ever beat the famous and consistently yummy ‘Uncle ki coffee’ !! The prices are very reasonable and the coffee is yummy. You can enjoy the coffee here at late night too in the park around the statue circle. A small shop near Statue Circle which serves delicious coffee both hot and cold is a must after a good workout at Central Park and the best on a chilly winter night.

This place is so beautiful… And the cold coffee of this place is mind-blowing .. Too tasty and too beautiful coffee.. Lots of ice cream and choco chips loaded coffee. If you are in Jaipur, you must visit the coffee corner.

The advisory-Parking place is very limited here. If you want to enjoy coffee here then either park your vehicle at a proper parking place or be sitting in the vehicle. otherwise, your vehicle may be towed by a traffic police crane.

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