Gaurav Towers is the most happening joint in Jaipur. Situated away from the congested marketplace, the shopping mall at Gaurav Towers – or GT – attracts both shoppers and fun seekers. Spread across a sprawling area of 25,000 sq meters, GT is perfect in terms of ambience, space, variety and hassle-free parking. It is one of the oldest mall in Jaipur and a perfect hangout place for both students and families. The place consists of the showrooms of all the popular brands. The GT Bazaar in the basement provides the local products and clothes at attractive price ranges. Other attractions are Macdonalds, Pizza Hut, Gold Gym, Planet Sports, etc

There are other attractions too like the newly started GT Central which is also a very good place for shopping and other fun activities. Another attraction is the Crystal Court which is famous for one of the best shopping destinations. Especially popular among girls, here you can easily find the local products at very affordable price ranges.

You can also expect a showcase of a lot of tradition here in the traditional clothes available all throughout the shops. The décor, the lights and the charisma of the place are worth every moment you plan to spend here. Overall, an experience that is memorable and fun.

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