Pushkar in Rajasthan is a town of Hindu pilgrimage and scenic splendour of the Thar Desert. The small metropolis is bordered with the aid of using Aravalli hills and the wasteland. Known for its most effective Brahma temple in India and the Pushkar Lake, devotees from anywhere coming right here for pilgrimage. The four hundred temples and fifty two bathing ghats, witness crowds come right here to dip withinside the blessed waters and purify their sins. One of the most important livestock competitions is prepared in November on the whole moon night time of the Hindu month of Kartik.

Pushkar is an oasis of religion and herbal splendour. The backdrop of Aravalli hills with sand dunes nearby, makes the metropolis perfect to bask in the journey of wasteland tenting below the clean starlight skies. The high-quality Pushkar competition is every other appeal to camp.

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