Sreyashi Ghosh is a Yoga Therapist, Teacher, Wellness Coach and has conducted yoga therapy, workshops, retreats and events across India. Sreyashi Ghosh is a gentle and compassionate soul from West Bengal. She has been in service for years to help people realize the potential of yoga for maintaining a sound body and mind. Presently she is working as a Yoga teacher but a few years ago she was a National level Gymnast since her childhood to till 4 years to college she was into gymnastics and represented State West Bengal.
But suddenly an accident changed her whole life, her ligament injury!
So as she added to Jaipur Explore, as a gymnast she wasn’t able to continue her practice, then she went through a mental Troma. She got a chance from the West Bengal police but when she succeeded in all their job criteria, but when it came to the medical part she got an unfit stamp on her papers because of her knee ligament injury. Then her mother looked after her. Her mother had decided to consult some Yoga therapy. So that was her 1st step for yoga, and gradually she was also involved in Yoga.

“It’s really motivated me, uplifting my mood also inner peace,
Now I’m a PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER I complicated my B’PED ( Bachelor degree ) pursuing my master’s degree in yoga also, Sreyashi said.

“Yoga is a lifestyle, don’t take it as exercise
I personally prefer and suggest people to do Surya namaskar at least 20 times including pranayama it’s a total package of morning yoga
Which help to improve & solve our so many health problems.
As well, I am also the Yoga ambassador & yoga enthusiast of the biggest sports hub Decathlon sports India”, Sreyashi added.

She believes in creating a non-judgmental and light-hearted environment to optimize learning. Sreyashi shares the depth of her own practice, which links the power of the ever-deepening breath to a movement that in turn increases the awareness of the mind and body. Her mindful and conscious nature reflect through her teachings, creating integrated healing for all levels.


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One reply on “Sreyashi Ghosh; A magnificent personality & immense wisdom and vision for spiritual transformation.”

  • Dippi dhawan
    November 19, 2021 at 5:26 pm

    Great job ! Great inspiration! I wish she should keep it up with good health and by God’s grace one day she can find herself at top of world

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