Mr Giriraj Singh Ji Lotwara was not only a settled social thinker, he was always involved in giving practical form to his thinking, his tenure was exemplary, starting in the Rajput community with Shri Narendra Singh Ji Rajawat and then with the responsibility of the post of President. The identity of Rajput Sabha was formed during this period.

Meritorious students can get a good environment in the field of education. hence Rajput To be taken over by the Sabha and the facilities and discipline in the hostel.

He was active in making arrangements. Promising children can get proper training. For this, the coaching system was also started by the Sabha. Girl’s hostel was also started if girls want to stay in Jaipur for training. Today the youth of society need not only education but also good values. This was his firm belief, and that is why he believed in every volunteer of Shri Kshatriya Yuvak Sangh who came in contact with him. It was his strong desire that there should be a positive improvement in the image of the youth in society. He was always on the front line in the essential struggle at the time of social calamities.

Calm and sweet nature was his speciality, due to this characteristic, he used to make a person boiling with anger calm in no time. Due to his similarity and calm behaviour, the person coming in contact used to make close with him. Society needs such persons with social feelings in the present situation. In such a situation, his untimely death increased due to the lack of society. Praying to God for their salvation.

The Convenor of Shree Pratap Foundation Mr Mahaveer Singh Sarwadi had words with Jaipur Explore.

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